Birch & Waite is a locally owned business that was founded over thirty years ago, with a vision to provide superior quality fresh chilled products for the professional chef. Birch & Waite’s endless pursuit for culinary perfection and innovation continues to set the benchmark in Australia for superior quality Mayonnaise, Dressings, Relishes, Sauces and Desserts. Their range of products are made using chef-quality, authentic recipes, fresh chilled, without the need for artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. They are the perfect solution for kitchens that take pride in the highest quality and can assist with labour shortages and consistency challenges.

The essence of a dish often hinges on the sauces and dressings that accompany it. Birch & Waite, renowned for their commitment to premium chef quality and exceptional taste, has a range of sauces and dressings that set to transform your bar menu. Whether you’re running a bustling urban bar or a cozy neighbourhood pub, these offerings promise to elevate your flavour offerings.

At the heart of Birch & Waite’s is their unwavering dedication to using only the finest, Australian ingredients. From a luxuriously creamy Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise, to our intricate Premium Burger Sauce with layers of unique flavours, Birch & Waite caters to every palate and preference, making it effortless to enhance the dining experience of your patrons.

In today’s competitive culinary landscape, consistency is key. Birch & Waite sauces and dressings not only deliver exceptional taste but also guarantee consistency batch after batch. This reliability ensures that every dish served at your bar maintains the high standards that discerning customers expect and deserve. Whether it’s a busy Friday night rush or a leisurely Sunday afternoon, you can rely on Birch & Waite to deliver excellence with every pour and drizzle.

Versatility is another hallmark of Birch & Waite’s offerings, with over 13 dressings and sauces to choose from, they complement a wide array of dishes, from traditional bar fare to innovative culinary creations. Whether you’re serving up classic fish tacos with a Rich Tartare Sauce, gourmet sliders accompanied by a perfect balance of smoke and spice with our Smokey Chipotle Mayonnaise, or Miso & Roasted Sesame Dressing on your latest poke bowl, Birch & Waite provides the perfect accompaniment to your menu.

Beyond taste and versatility, Birch & Waite also prioritizes convenience. Their sauces and dressings are ready to use straight from the bottle, saving precious time in the kitchen without compromising on quality. This convenience translates into smoother operations and happier customers, allowing you to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional food and service.

Elevate your bar menu with flavours that inspire, ingredients that impress, and a commitment to quality that sets your establishment apart.