Ordermentum is launching Australia’s first online trade show for the hospitality industry. It’s  free, you can access it from your phone, and it’s an easy way for venues to find new products and suppliers, and for suppliers to get connected with venues who want to buy from them. 

Due to the current floods and many of our Suppliers & Venues being affected, we have rescheduled this event to April. Update coming. Stay Safe

Beyond the Craft (7-11March) is a five day event and celebration that has been created as a way to invigorate the industry after an incredibly challenging few years of lockdowns and uncertainty.

While hospo is bouncing back from COVID-19 and venues are filling up around the country,  the industry still needs support. Events like this bring people together and are an easy way to foster long-term relationships. It’s a chance for venues to think about ways they want to add to their business and jump on any food trends. 

“The event may be digital, but supplier/venue relationships have incredible longevity, and it’s our hope that this event sparks many long-term partnerships,” says CEO of Ordermentum, Adam Theobald.  “It’s not often you get the chance to ask questions to multiple suppliers at the same time.” 

The online event will be held from 7-11 March 2022,  and venues can visit the landing page and download the Ordermentum app whenever is convenient to them during that week. Venues will be able to check out new suppliers, access special deals, and meet the people behind the product, and ask any questions they have.  

Additionally, each day new insights will be released from an impressive line up of speakers who’ll shed light on hospitality’s biggest themes right now. 

Hospitality experts Sam Sgambellone from ForPurposeCo and Michael Fox from Fable Food Co will discuss sustainability in hospitality and what venues need to do next to contribute to a better food system.  Kim Teo from Mr Yum speaks about digitisation and why venues who aren’t streamlining their internal operations are losing out. And we celebrate women in hospo on International Women’s Day with Giuls Treuner (Owner of Giuls in Surry Hills), and Petra Kanalosova Owner of Beast & Co).

“All of these topics are so important for the hospitality industry right now,” says Theobald. “The past two years has accelerated a lot of change and made us realise how important it is to act on things we care about.  I think anyone working in hospo will be interested in the insights from these amazing guests.” 

So, whether you’re a venue owner, chef, barista, dishie, manager – or all of the above – then this is the event for you. Register now and don’t miss out on:

  • Special offers from Australia’s best suppliers
  • New and exciting products
  • Free or discounted starter packs from your favourite suppliers

Beyond the Craft will kick off on 7 March 2022 and run until March 11 2022. 

All you need to do is register and then visit the landing page anytime during March 7-11. 

Register here. Save the date.