Park Agility's parking guidance solution at Bankstown Sports Club.

From daily traffic to big event nights, Park Agility have developed a club-specific parking guidance solution that will make it easier for your club patrons to find their way quickly and safely to your front door. 

Patrons queuing to get into your multi-storey car park then driving around in circles trying to find a spot, especially on a busy night, is not the best use of anyone’s time.

For any reasonable-sized club, even on an average day, several hundred people will make their way from the car park to the front desk to sign in. On a busy night, with a special event on or a concert taking place, traffic could easily build up as they try to find a spot.

And how long did they take to find that spot before they signed in? Too long, is probably the answer, unless you have some sort of technology to show them where to go.

Imagine then, signage throughout the car park that advises patrons exactly how many spots are available and where, LED lighting indicating where they can park, or whether it’s a spot to charge their EV or gain access to a disability space.

“Consider it a value-add for your members,” says Park Agility’s Brad Burrows. “The less time they take getting into the car park and finding a spot, the more time they will spend in your venue.”

Even the best-run club car parks are inundated sometimes. Park Agility’s tailor-made solution suited Bankstown Sports Club which has transformed over the years into a 24/7 multi-operational venue. The club often reaches parking capacity and management recognised that being able to park quickly and efficiently is an important service to members and guests to this well-known southwestern Sydney club.

Visitors flock to the club for its multiple food offerings, Lady Banks rooftop bar, theatrette and function spaces, in addition to accommodating visitors to the club’s Mercure Sydney Bankstown hotel, and those arriving at its Flinders Centre office tower which also contains a childcare centre and gym.

“Given the number of facilities we have on site the club is always very busy, meaning our car park needs to be operating at its best. We now have the technology that enables that to happen. Since installation of the Park Agility guidance system, we have had very positive feedback from our patrons, and our management team are delighted with what Park Agility has implemented for us,” said Bankstown Sports Club CEO Michael Clancy.   

The unique part of the Bankstown Sports Club installation is the ticker-tape style messaging along the bottom of the Park Agility LED wayfinding signage, providing additional club information to members and guests. This feature optimises the car park signage providing significant value to the car park guidance investment.

“Park Agility’s wayfinding signage ticker tape messaging capabilities are easily editable, enabling our club’s marketing department to promote upcoming events or our operations team to highlight important safety and community messages,” said Bankstown Sports Club’s Facilities Manager, Paul Murphy.

Park Agility also prides itself on providing parking guidance and wayfinding solutions that are accurate and straightforward with an installation process that has minimal operational impact on your site.

Marcus Steedman, Bankstown Sports Club Security Operations Manager handled the project implementation. “With 5 levels of parking, one of our biggest concerns was the system installation process and how it would impact operations of our car park, but the install went very smoothly and it was business as usual. The Park Agility project team were great to work with, clear communication on a daily basis and finishing with an on-time and on-budget delivery.

“We deliver one of the best and most affordable parking guidance systems in the market, providing a high level of accuracy, extensive reporting, system flexibility and value for money and proud to say we now have a club specific product,” continues Burrows.

Locally engineered and maintained by industry experts, Park Agility is a faster, smarter and greener way to optimise your car park yield.

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