Many businesses are concerned about merchant fees and unsatisfied by their current deals.

A cashless society has been on the horizon for years, and Covid has accelerated this with more and more consumers using their digital wallets to pay for goods like food and drink.

What this means for hospitality businesses is that they are paying more fees than ever before. Smartpay’s Zero Cost EFTPOS solution is helping hospitality businesses save on their merchant fees.

If your business is doing more than $10,000 per month in card transactions there is no terminal fee either.

Alex, club bar manager says, “We estimate the Smartpay Zero Cost EFTPOS solution will save the Club about $10,000 in merchant fees per year. That’s money we are redirecting into the Club and its facilities, so all members benefit.”

Re-invest your savings to help grow your business.

Talk to Smartpay about how they can help you save on EFTPOS fees.