The pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption for hospitality, so you really need to be on top of your game if you want to enjoy continued growth. Take the productivity of your business to the next level with the new CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender from Kuvings.

With just one touch, the soundproof lid will close and the blender will go to work to make the perfect Acai Bowl while your staff take care of other customers or prepare toppings to adorn the base. In less than one minute, with no tampering, banging the jug or interaction from your staff, an Acai Bowl base is created.

This machine will also make a perfect smoothie in seven seconds and features 37 optimised recipes. The CHEF CB1000 Commercial Auto Blender from Kuvings delivers perfection with one touch, totally independent of staff.

Now that’s what we call a staff-proof game changer!, 02 9798 0586