Installing wireless StayCharged chargers into your existing furniture creates a more comfortable, relaxed environment.

Stay Charged is committed to sourcing premium, commercial-grade wireless charging solutions that reflect the high-quality standards of the venues they go into.

We all depend on our mobile phones these days to stay connected – whether that’s with colleagues, friends, or loved ones our phones are more important than ever. And with the average phone battery lasting less than 10 hours, venues that are able to provide a convenient and easy method for patrons to stay charged will keep them staying longer and coming back.

Wireless charging provides the convenience of a simple drop-and-charge solution with no need to supply a range of charging cables – and with over a billion (and growing) smartphones supporting wireless charging, it is a great way to future-proof your venue.

StayCharged will help your club patrons stay connected.

Incorporating wireless chargers into existing or new hospitality furniture like EGM benches, bar top counters, or restaurant booths encourages your visitors to stay longer and spend more. By installing wireless chargers into your existing furniture, you can create a more comfortable, relaxed environment for your visitors knowing they can stay topped up and continue to enjoy your venue’s amenities.

Offering charging points throughout your venue is a cost-effective solution to keep your customers happy, staying longer, and looking forward to their next visit – be it working remotely from your venue or attending a social event.

Stay Charged has been proudly supplying some of the leading NRL, RSL Clubs, and suburban pubs throughout Australia since 2017. They have recognised the need and benefit of keeping their customers comfortable for long periods while they visit their hospitality locations. And with more and more phones supporting wireless charging, the future is definitely wireless!

Over the last 12 months, we have been privileged to be included in venues such as the Manly Leagues Club, Wests Ashfield, Uncle Bucks Hotel, and Petersham RSL Club to name a few.