Access Collins is helping Australian businesses optimise their booking processes.

Last year Access Collins was launched in Australia after more than a decade of leading the UK market in handling booking enquiries, reservations, table management and events. Now the Access Collins system is helping Australian businesses optimise the booking process for their customers, generate more covers and boost sales.

When looking at the way restaurants, bars and clubs keep track of their bookings and reservations, they often rely on multiple systems to perform separate parts of the reservation and enquiry process, with none able to talk to each other and typically, venues having to pay for multiple software. One of the downsides to this is that you might be generating a lot of manual tasks in cross-referencing systems to complete the reservation process for customers, costing you time and in many cases bookings.

Access Collins offers all the tools you need to manage the booking and reservation process in one place, enabling your team to manage enquiries whether they come from your website, social media or over the phone as well as following up those enquiries with booking reminders and sending post-visit comms. Simplifying the process by having everything in one central system can actually improve your conversion rate by an average of 24 per cent – meaning more pre-booked business and more sales.

Your booking process needs to work for your needs, and that’s why a flexible system like Access Collins offers the ability to customise your booking facility with your own rules and manage all enquiries in real-time through the reservations website widget. You can set reminders, track the progress of enquiries, add packages, take deposits and pre-orders, print functions sheets, generate invoices and VAT receipts and more, all from one platform.

A seamless booking system is essential for your customers as well and will help you to convert more enquiries into bookings by offering a simple process. Customers can manage the whole process online, eliminating the need to deal with lengthy phone calls or managing busy email inboxes. Why not offer multiple booking types and set granular rules for each ie; take a confirmed booking up to 10, but an enquiry for 11+ and take a deposit or card authentication.

Another way to boost your sales through the system is by offering custom packages, promos and options for your customers such as offering a range of pre-orderable choices such as table snacks, drinks packages or meals at the time of booking. Enabling you to prepare the kitchen in advance and ensure you have enough staff cover for busy times.

Operators also find the space finder tools help to never lose a booking by helping your guests see which of your venues has space on certain days and times and even redirecting guests to an alternative venue if possible. No availability? No worries! Take an enquiry and never miss a booking

Find out more about how Access Collins is helping businesses boost their revenue and streamline their processes on the website.

Find out more about how Access Collins is helping businesses boost their revenue and streamlining their processes.